"Providing top quality insurance to Ohioans through independent agents located throughout the state since 1867"
German Mutual Insurance
1000 Westmoreland Avenue
Napoleon, OH 43545
Tel: 419.599.3993 Fax: 419.599.0109
Tel: 800.232.1066 Fax: 866.395.2347
Claims Fax: 419.592.6938

24-Hour Emergency Claim Service

For accidents in Ohio:: Call your agent or our Home Office
Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, or Outside the Continental US: (404) 225.6118
Other areas outside of Ohio: 1.800.241.2541

In the event of an emergency situation, always try to contact your agent first. If your agent is not available, you can use the numbers above to reach our 24-hour Emergency Claim Service.

What does German Mutual consider an emergency?

  • Large fire or water loss causing extensive damage to the home
  • Severe windstorm which removes a majority of the roof or causes part of the home to collapse or be torn away
  • A severe automobile accident which results in a disabling/serious injury or death to an operator or passenger in the insured vehicle, a third party vehicle, or a pedestrian