Beware Hurricane Flood Damaged Vehicles

September 29, 2017

Officials from the Kansas Insurance Department warn that within the next two months flood damaged vehicles will hit the market.  These vehicles often originate from states recently hit by hurricanes.  Consumers looking to buy used vehicles need to take precautions to protect themselves from unknowingly purchasing a damaged vehicle.

The Maryland Insurance Administration gives some obvious signs of flood damage to look for:

  • Condensation in headlights and tail lights.
  • Mold or mildew on seats or carpeting - this can include a smell of dampness or mildew in the vehicle.

Vehicles with flood damage often do not have these obvious signs.  A car may look fine on the surface, but contain hidden damage.

The Maryland Insurance Administration goes on to give extra precautions consumers can take when purchasing a used vehicle:

  • Inspect the vehicle - Check the engine for a high water mark on the engine block or radiator.  Look for rust or corrosion on wires and other components under the hood.
  • Shop at a reputable dealer.  Flood damaged vehicles usually end up at auctions or are sometimes sold by private sellers.
  • Ask the dealer for a report with a detailed history of the car.  These reports are available for a fee from several sources, including:
  • Consider taking the car to a qualified mechanic for a thorough inspection.


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