Six Tips for a Safe & Fun Easter Egg Hunt

April 11, 2017

Easter is this weekend, and it?s coming up fast!  Are you planning an Easter egg hunt?  Whether your egg hunt is inside or outside, keep the fun going and the kids safe with these six safety tips:

  1. Inspect the area for potential hazards.
    • Pick up any objects that may present a tripping hazard.

    • For inside egg hunts, be aware of electrical outlets, sharp corners, open windows and stairs.

    • For outside egg hunts, look for holes and uneven ground that could lead to injury.

  2. Set boundaries to keep the kids in sight at all times and away from unsafe areas.  This includes places that are too high or near streets and driveways.
  3. Plan to have an adult supervising at all times.
  4. Hide the eggs in safe areas.
    • For inside hunts, keep eggs away from electrical outlets, plugs, and light sockets.

    • For outside hunts, keep eggs away from thick or thorned bushes, areas where pesticides have been sprayed and potential areas for bees and snakes.

  5. Be cautious of food allergies and choking hazards if filling plastic eggs with candy or toys.
  6. If using real eggs make sure to take steps to cook them properly, store them properly, and keep them clean.

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