What Should I Do After a Tornado Hits My Town?

August 25, 2016

On Wednesday, August 24, a series of tornadoes touched down across Indiana and Ohio.  According to The Weather Channel, only minor injuries were reported as of Thursday.  However, there was significant damage to homes and businesses in the affected areas.


If you find yourself in an area impacted by a tornado, what steps should you take immediately after the storm passes?

  • Make sure you and those around you are safe.  Check for injuries and get medical assistance if needed.
  • Be sure to check your surroundings; be aware of downed power lines, damaged buildings and other debris.
  • Secure your property by boarding up windows and salvaging what you can.  (If a building?s structural integrity has been compromised get out and stay out!)
  • Take pictures with a phone or camera for documentation.
  • Find shelter for you and your family.

One of the most important steps you can take after a tornado hits is to call your insurance agent.  By reporting the damage early, you are starting the process to recovery as quickly as possible.  Your policy may also include reimbursement for living expenses if your home is uninhabitable.  You can have peace of mind knowing that your insurance agent will guide you through the benefits of your insurance coverage, helping you recover what was lost and re-establish your quality of life.

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